Friday, March 2, 2018

Night of the Owl

Last night, I was awakened by the hoots of a great horned owl; it was just after midnight.  The owl was clearly perched near to our farmhouse but, despite the bright full moon, I could not see it from the bedroom window.

Long fascinated by owls, I always enjoy hearing their calls and listened as his nocturnal lecture continued.  Our farm is home to dozens of cottontails and I assumed he was biding his time until a meal wandered by; unfortunately, hunting did not seem to be a priority and he continued calling for the next three hours.

Though I managed to doze off for periods of time, the hooting led to a fitful sleep and my fondness for owls began to take a hit; he must have finally flew off (or fell asleep himself) and I was granted some peace.  Of course, I hope he returns on a regular basis as long as the visits are reasonably short.