Thursday, February 25, 2021

Travels with Steinbeck

As forecast, a snowstorm arrived overnight, dropping 12 inches along the Colorado Front Range.  And, to my delight, John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley arrived via Amazon this morning.

Published in 1962, the book documents the author's road trip across the U.S. with his French poodle, Charley.  The first few chapters, which I read this morning, discuss his reasons for taking the trip, the advice and warnings offered by friends and his preparations for the journey, including the purchase of a camper truck that he named Rocinante, after Don Quixote's horse.

As it turned out, Steinbeck's road trip was delayed by the arrival of Hurricane Donna, a Category 4 storm that lashed the Northeast Coast after causing devastation across the Caribbean, Florida and the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the late summer of 1960.  Already an entertaining tome, I anticipate that Travels with Charley will be an enjoyable read, especially for a geography buff such as myself.  More on the book over the coming week or so.