Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Feast for the Senses

Having returned to central Missouri, I enjoyed a glorious April day, mostly from our back deck.  A good book (so far) and a glass of wine augmented the experience!

Vibrant birdsong flooded in from every direction.  The fading blossoms of magnolia trees and the new flowers of redbuds provided a colorful background as the faint smell of cut grass wafted in from a more industrious neighbor's yard.  A pair of carpenter bees zoomed about the deck, an eastern gray tree frog called from his nearby perch and squadrons of turkey vultures soared overhead, enjoying the warm, south breeze as much as I was.

Of course, this idyllic day in early April does not portend a carefree spring.  Thunderstorms are due by early morning and cooler temperatures will follow.  But it is best that we accept nature's gifts when they are offered and today was a feast for the senses.