Cantore Season

Over the past month, Jim Cantore and his cohorts at the Weather Channel have, hopefully, been making their final preparations. Gassing up the satellite trucks, packing the overnight bags, updating their frequent flier accounts and, of course, strengthening those leg muscles, are all essential for their coming responsibilities. After all, this is the first official day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

In the upcoming weeks and months, these storm warriors will spread out along our Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, readjusting their positions as the hurricanes threaten land. Driving against the flow of traffic, they will gear up to stand in the wind and waves so that we, the hapless, landlocked viewers, can experience the full fury of these deadly storms. Some admire their courage; others question the message of their on site reporting; still others find their antics comical.

The season of hurricanes and their traveling stuntmen will last into early November. Hopefully, the killer storms will stay offshore and the intrepid reporters will have to settle for videos of high surf.