A Dramatic Recovery

The end to our two week stretch of hot, humid weather came at 9PM last evening as a line of thunderstorms struck Columbia from the northwest. The leading edge of a cold front, the storms produced torrential rain and an hour of persistent thunder and lightening.

This morning, the front has pushed off to the southeast and we have a gentle, northwest wind, pushing in cooler, drier air. Sitting at 68 degrees F, we are ten degrees below some morning readings over the recent heat wave and today's high is expected to remain in the mid eighties.

Outdoor activities will become tolerable once again and the air conditioners will get a much deserved break (at least from our financial perspective). Sultry weather will be confined to the Gulf Coast States for now, our fixation on the heat with subside and summer will regain its glorious image of our childhood memories. But our risk for oppressive heat and humidity will loom for another ten weeks.