The Nature of Blogs

Many (if not most) people tend to characterize bloggers as opinionated individuals who like to see their words in print. While there is some truth to that assessment, those who blog for these reasons alone soon lose interest and give up the commitment.

The majority of bloggers start out by creating a daily or weekly journal, focused on their special area of interest; the subject may be specific or general, including fields such as politics, science, religion, nature and philosophy. Over time, these writers sense the opportunity, through their personal enthusiasm and the structure of their blog, to encourage others to become interested in and committed to their own source of passion.

Some of us also use this forum to challenge traditional assumptions of human society, many of which, we feel, obstruct social progress and threaten the welfare of this planet. This choice may offend some readers and is likely the primary rationale for the negative sentiments of non-bloggers, mentioned above. But the blog is the ultimate form of free speech, unconstrained by editors, corporate interests and public opinion.