Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Muted Protest in Denver

Despite the sunshine, the turnout at Denver's March for Science was underwhelming this morning.  Those who did participate were enthusiastic but, for a city as large and liberal as Denver, the message from here was muted.

Even the number of booths was disappointing and most were devoted primarily to recruiting members; I gravitated toward those that had a philosophical edge, such as organizations promoting freedom from religion.  While there was certainly a good deal of anti-Trump sentiment during the March itself, the displays and speakers were relatively apolitical.

Having come of age in the sixties, I've participated in my fair share of protest marches.  But the anger and fervor of that period was not matched today.  Perhaps we've become immune to Trump's daily tweets and executive orders, hoping to wait out the term of his dysfunctional Administration.  Unfortunately, they are doing a great deal of damage in the meantime and we will need a revolution to change the mindset in America.  Today's modest assembly in Denver will have no effect, even at the local level; let's hope the March for Science received more zealous support in other cities.