Thursday, April 5, 2018

Who We Are

Most humans accept the fact that our physical body is a product of our genome, modified by our lifestyle and, perhaps, by disease or injury.  However, many reject the concept that our thoughts, emotions, memories and dreams are also products of anatomic and biochemical systems.

In fact, from fetal life to the time of our death, our body is bombarded with stimuli; received through our senses, the signals and interactions are recorded in our brain and become as much a part of us as our external features.  Molding our sense of self, these experiences, remembered or not, determine who we become.

While our genes govern the physical framework and biochemical mechanisms with which we respond to life's challenges, the events and relationships of life's journey are equally significant.  Indeed, we are also products of the joy or pain, the love or rejection, the kindness or criticism and the nurturing or abuse that we experience along the way.