Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Appeal of Birding

Most birdwatchers begin their hobby due to the influence of a relative or friend who is already a devotee.  They soon learn that there are far more local species than they had realized and enjoy the hunt for more.

While some eventually lose enthusiasm, many continue birding throughout their lives, fascinated by the large variety of birds that reside in or visit their community.  Some begin traveling to regional wildlife refuges to augment their "life list" while others actually plan vacations to birding meccas.

But beyond the enjoyment and challenge of finding and recording species, birding appeals to conservation-minded individuals because birds connect us with distant regions of the planet, bearing witness that Earth's far-flung ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent.  The migrants that we attract with our landscaping and feeders are both welcome visitors and messengers from afar, temporarily taking advantage of our hospitality.  In return, we come to appreciate their beauty and their fortitude and are inspired to protect their natural habitat, wherever on Earth that might be.