Thursday, April 12, 2018

March for Science

What are you doing this Saturday, April 14?  If you are alarmed by the anti-science rhetoric of the Trump Administration and the Religious Right, consider taking part in the second annual March for Science that will occur in cities throughout our country and across the globe.

More than a protest rally, March for Science also highlights the importance of science education, scientific research and evidence-based policies related to human society and our stewardship of the planet.  Unfortunately, many industries, politicians and religious leaders have taken an anti-science approach to protect their own interests.

The Earth is not flat.  The evolution of life on our planet has been unfolding for 3.6 billion years and continues today.  The health of human society is directly related to the welfare of natural ecosystems.  Global warming is real and is primarily caused by our use of fossil fuels for more than a Century.  Tobacco use is a major health hazard.  These are scientific facts; to deny them or to ridicule other science-based evidence is to place the welfare of future generations at risk.  March for Science on Saturday!