Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Summer Crosses the Mountains

A high pressure dome over the Four Corners region, combined with low pressure over the Northern Plains, has produced strong WSW winds along the Colorado Front Range.  Warm air from the Desert Southwest is being swept across the Continental Divide and, as that air is forced to sink along the Eastern Slope, it warms up and dries out.  As a result, we reached 81 degrees F in Metro Denver this afternoon.

Working outside on our Littleton farm, the summer-like conditions were readily apparent and I had to retreat to the shade on a regular basis.  The birds were noticeably quiet on this hot afternoon but insects and arachnids were especially conspicuous, including bees, yellow-jackets, jumping spiders, cabbage white butterflies, a wide assortment of beetles and clouds of midges.  Due to the recent mild weather, the pear and crabapple trees are beginning to bloom and most of the shrubs are almost leafed out.

The warm weather is expected to continue through tomorrow but rain and/or snow is forecast for Friday.  As local residents know, Colorado's spring is usually a mix of summer and winter.